FPS looks much worse than what the FPS counter is displaying

I have this problem where the FPS counter shows a descent framerate, which you would expect smooth gameplay. However, when panning around it looks significantly worse, as if the true FPS is different from what the counter is displaying.
Here’s a screen recording. Here, as you can see the FPS counter displays a framerate around 40, however, the gameplay looks like its under 20fps. Also, what’s interesting is that the problem doesn’t look nearley as bad in the recording. It looks much worse in-game.

My Specs:
GTX 980
I5 8400

GPU problem, which GPU do you have?

VRAM seems to be full and it causes stutters. The stutters are too fast for the FPS meter to register (see the graph).

I have a GTX 980, as mentioned

Oh sorry. Yes your VRAM is full. The stutters are too fast for the FPS meter to show.
If the VRAM is full it will load the textures from RAM which is slower.

Is this a addon airport and which one? Do you have it only there or everywhere?

Things you can try to lower the usage:

  • Lower texture resolution
  • Lower LOD sliders

Ah I see. Yes this is an addon airport, it’s a work in progress Heathrow airport from flightsim.to. I experience this everywhere, it was just more noticable here. I’ll try doing those things. Another thing to mention, is that in X-Plane 11, I notice blurry cockpit screens from a distance, which apparently is also a result of full VRAM. Thank you very much for the clarifiction! much appreciated :slight_smile:
I’ll let you know when I lower some of those settings.

No problem. You probably need to lower some settings to around medium with that card.
That number on the bottom (GPU Mem) needs to be stable and lower than the number next to it which is max available.

Big addon airports make it worse because they add more textures and often higher quality textures.

yes, makes sense. Thanks.
Another question, will increasing the memory clock in msi afterburner help?

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No that will only increase the speed (isn’t improving much anyway) of the memory. The speed is good because your card can reach 40fps with no problem.

The memory size is important. It cannot hold all textures the game needs at once so it will constantly juggle data around. And the bottleneck is the link between the VRAM and the RAM on the motherboard.

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I thought so. Thank you!

lowering some of those sliders really did improve it, are there other ways to reduce VRAM usage, in general in windows?

No it only contains textures from the game like grass, concrete, window, apron, aircraft and cockpit textures. So the LOD slider will change the draw distance so it needs less textures at once.

Texture quality will reduce the size of the textures.

You can also lower the pre-caching setting that will remove textures from the memory that are behind you, but that will give some stutters when you look around you because then it has to load those textures. I suggest you play around with that setting for a bit. Too low will give stutters when looking around and too high will load every texture around you.


PS maybe the cloud detail setting will lower VRAM usage but i’m not 100% sure.

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ok, thank you :slight_smile:

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I had the 980 strix on 27" 1080 until going to a 6800xt/32" 1440/165.

Good advise above-Medium as mentioned, others tweaked down slightly(clouds). The 980 can handle the AA nicely but render scaling not above 100. 110/120 was tolerable on a 27" 60hz but anything larger than a 27" 1080 monitor will require further down tuning.


Yes but render scaling will just add more work for the card and lower the FPS in a linear way, it’s exactly the same as increasing the resolution.

But too little VRAM for the size of all textures that need to be shown on the screen at once will cripple the card to a halt and prevent it from doing its work.