FPS measuring

Hi guys…how to measure the fps on my msfs ? i would like a litlle window to measure it, like i had on x plane 11 …is there a similar way for msfs 2020…thanks…

Turn on Developer mode in the options menu, you’ll get an in-depth FPS window that will also let you know what’s causing the drops, if it’s CPU throttle or GPU bound issues.

Thanks for the info Trixie…i will try that…

I got that window showing the fps (ms ?)…i m not an expert…the red frame aboce shows about 20 ms, the main thread about 30 ms, and the cpu about 48 ms ? which one is the “main” indicator…on x plane about about between 40 and 60 fps ? so i guess the msfs is more demanding thats why so low…so how to improve all that ? a new GC i guess, mine is nvidia 1050 ti and 12 GB ram, increase that also ?

Big number at the top is your actual FPS

Right under that there’s the resolution you’re using, under that there’s a small green bar and it says Limited by GPU for me, that will change depending on what’s causing problems for you, if your GPU is lagging behind and is causing the FPS count to drop then it will say limited by GPU, if your CPU’s MainThread lags behind, goes up to like 40ms and goes red, then the wording in the small bar could change to CPU Throttle or something like that, it means your CPU can’t keep up with the game/settings.

Use that to change your game settings depending on your FPS and what causes issues.

ok cool…thanks…i m not such an expert in all that, but i think i will have to change to nvidia 1660 or something like that and improve my ram…

Im using a 1660 super, its working great for 1080p! My CPU is the one being bottle necked so I plan on upgrading to a 3600.

Good to know…thankw