Frame Rate Drop Experimental Results

Since coming to the release version on routine flights away from busy airports I have had my CPU occasionally peg at 100% and fps drop to single digits. I set up a manual cache for the area and noticed there was still plenty of internet activity. Disconnected Ethernet disabled WiFi and tried again, get a warning from the sim that I’m not connected but it allows you to fly. Results, better but CPU still spikes but fps don’t seem to drop as drastically.
Sure wish I could get the performance I had a week ago.
Would be interested on the experience of others.

what cpu do you have?

It’s a i5 6600 @ 3.5 with 32 gig of ram 500 gig SSD and NVidia 1060 nothing OC’d.

Update, went into the BIOS and set the CPU to ‘performance’ mode that ended up boosting the clock from 3.5 to 4.1. Now CPU typical 75% - 80% only now and then hitting 100, only saw the frame rate tank once with lots of internet activity. So if your system lets you a little more margin made a big difference.