Frame rate effect of different planes

Has anyone done a ranking of the impact on frame rate of the various planes in Msfs2020?

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Steam Gauges good, in general, Glass cockpits, horrifying in general. I like to keep things short and sweet.

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The justflight PA 28 is very good in frame rate ! Best aircraft around imho


Spitfire its good in frame rate as well, as soonest i pick airplane with glass cockpit FPS drops low.

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Glass cockpit in the a320nx is bruhh…even on low
Planning to get the crj but don’t know if I will get the same micro stutters in the cockpit as the a320nx,outside view is excellent,


The C152 is the only default aircraft that MSFS runs in VR like a dream. Perfectly smooth at all times.

All the others choke up a single cpu core which has a knock on effect to everything else going on in the sim and in the OS. Any ranking would vary wildly between setups for this reason.

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Only heavy airliners that run very smooth for me in VR are the ones made from Project Mega Pack.
I don’t even bother with the default A320,747,787 at this point.

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