Frame Rate Improvement

When I use the right alt key and open a gauge window my fps dramatically improves (50-75%).

Is this actually happening or are the FPS readings not accurate? It seems that the smoothness of my flying experience most definitely gets better!

It’s definitely improved.

What do you mean by the right alt gauge window opening?

out of game FPS counters are inaccurate with ‘subwindows’ open in FS. They add up the FPS from the 2 different windows.
Only accurate meter is the included one in the dev menu.

Hold down the right alt key then move the mouse cursor over a gauge or panel (ex: right panel in the G1000 cluster) and click. You can reconfig the size as well. MortThe2nd cleared this up below.

Thanks, I knew it was too good to be true…

hey, on the bright side, if you didn’t notice it didn’t have any effect, your in sim experience is smooth enough already :slight_smile: Don’t chase FPS, if it plays fine and smooth, there’s no need to worry.

Good point, I’ll take my 35fps on medium-ish settings in 4K. RTX 2070 Super has been a great GPU for this game!