Frame rates have halved since new patch

So I’m getting roughly 50% lower frame rates since patch. Anyone else noticed this too?


Oh no - please not - NOT AGAIN :open_mouth:


Not quite half, but i did lose about 10fps and had to lower some settings to gain it back.

I’m afraid it’s true. I was getting 40fps now sitting at 25 and it’s almost unflyable. Never had this issue before. What has changed?


Same here, about 10 FPS down. But, seems smoother overall. Less microstutters.

Maybe that means they rolled back the downgrade :rofl:


Not smoother for me! From 40 to 20 gone from butter smooth to stuttery. Not micro stutter, just poor frame rates, unflyable for me just now

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Aw that sucks. I did notice that my rolling cache was re-enabled after I had it turned off. Maybe check that? I haven’t tested with it off yet though.

Same here, before 40/45, now 25/30 max


Oh dear. And the handling of the TBM 930 is way off now. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

Yes me too. Turned it back off. Doesn’t improve frame rates

I’ve gained a few fps with, albeit only a few % but a noticeable few…


For me, I noticed that motion blur was turned on after the patch, when I had it turned off before. That’s an FPS killer. Never liked it anyway.

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OMG… This is just ridiculous, what is Asobo doing? Do they not test anything? Most people are working on XBOX now?


Turned it off, makes no difference to my FPS

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My FPS haven’t changed, but I have only done 1 flight since update. I have disabled Motion Blur.

Initially I thought I had lost some FPS and it was more stuttery but then I realised it had motion blur switched on and the rolling cache had been turned back on. I set them both off and restarted Sim and I’m back to the same performance I had before .

Can anyone explain why you would want motion to blur anyway?
When I had it on, looking left and right out the side windows made everything blurry as the view moved, why would you want that?

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yeah before the patch i had 60fps now 36 fps

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tried the same activities

Made no difference to me. Turned both off, FPS still down 10-15