France Landmarks -

Join us at for some short hops in France on Saturday April 24th @ 9pm EDT. We will depart from LFLU en route to LFMQ while passing a few landmarks on the way (Palais des Papes>Pont Du Gard>Arles Monument>Aix-en-provence). Be sure to download World Update IV from the in game marketplace.

Flight plan: LFLU>Palais des Papes>Pont Du Gard>Arles Monument>Aix-en-provence>LFMQ
Download .pln flight plan with waypoints(in first post): Short Hops: France Landmarks
Aircraft: cruise speed ~120kts ( I will be flying a Cessna 172)

Server Settings: Selects USA EAST, along with ALL Players in the flight conditions pages. Live weather unless very overcast.

Join us on Discord for voice communication:
Instructions to setup Discord:

**we are a very casual group, no need to follow strict flight rules, all are welcome.