Frankfurt Cathedral POI is duplicated

Zendesk ID number: 129140

I have noticed that Frankfurt Cathedral POI is duplicated on the world map and is stacked with some other lesser quality landmark. Both POI’s have exclemation mark on them which means that they are coming from the World Update and not a 3rd party. To reassure myself I have cleared my cache, disabled Community folder and removed the Scenery Indexes and content.xml. The issue is still present. I also don’t have any 3rd party Marketplace scenery in Frankfurt area, like the ORBX landmarks pack.

I am using the Steam version.

I have tried with the safe mode on - and there’s still a duplicated POI, so it has to be the core Sim issue. But now I noticed that the smaller cathedral looks surprisingly similar to the Cathedral from ORBX Frankfurt City pack - even if I don’t have this pack. Might be that both ORBX and Asobo somehow put they own versions of the Landmark while working on the WU6.

now, just raise a ZenDesk ticket and describe it. Devs check it and fix it then in future releases :slight_smile:

It is a flight simulator and not a city simulator

This section is dedicated to scenery and the world (e.g. auto-generated buildings, LOD issues, photogrammetry, POIs, night lighting, street and boat traffic, water masks)

This is a place to report Bugs, including the Bugs related to POI’s. I do not understand the purpose of your comment, Halloeddi and I don’t think it belong there either.

This is indeed the correct forum to report defects with the stock sim scenery. Posting on the board allows other users to a) potentially provide mitigations or solutions if available, b) see that others are having the same problem, and c) vote if appropriate to raise the possibility that this is a wide-spread defect.

Please update with your Zendesk number when you have a chance to do so. Thanks.

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The SU7 seems to finally fixed the stacked cathedral issue.

The bad thing is that thet decided to swipe the more realistic and proper version of it with the unrealistic one. Not sure how I should feel about it…

Closed, as it appears that the problem was fixed for the OP in Sim Update 7.