Frankfurt Tall building

There’s a tall building in Frankfort Germany

Does anyone encounter the same problem?!


wow :neutral_face: that’s… something.

It’s caused by an ORBX addon, I saw a video this morning… check what you have installed from ORBX.

Thanks for the info.
Unfortunately the OrbX Addon is gone, no entry anymore in the Community Folder though it was installed before.
You remember where you saw the video?

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I have EXACTLY the same problem. No ORBX Scenery installed.

This is my EDDF 25C head

The solution is to do this:

  1. Delete any rolling cache.
  2. Delete the Content.xml file.
  3. Delete the simulator .dat files

The files may be in a different location depending on the version of MSFS.




Perfect. That solved the problem, thanks so much.

I have had the same problem, corrected as indicated. Thank you.

hi, this manipulation was mandatory in the p3d with cache/index files, but i was too conservative chicken idiot to do it in the msfs, now after do that i think it’s work much better and i even think i lost one glitch - tiny shimmering lines everywhere on the ground. so thank you very much, you are brave rock
edit p.s. no, shimmering lines stay at places where they are

i cannot find this folder:


i have the steam version.

ok, found the content.xml in: \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator
and also the sceneryindexes, did both as said and no big building now.

it looks like it fixed other problems too, did a night flight and had no weird reflections this time.



Could you mark my post as the solution please?

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How do i do that? i see no “solution” button

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I think that only the topic author can do it.

Same here. I have the same problem. Any solution?

I do not have anything from ORBX!

Did you try the solution in this topic?

Microsoft Store version

Strange Building in EDDF over T2 and Approach to 25C