Frankfurt Tall building

Please look at the post above marked “Solution”

This workaround does what it should but I have to do it every time I start FS2020 otherwise the big building is back. I have rolling cache swithed off already but that doesn’t help. Any more solutions, any news when Asobo will fix it?

I am wondering if this annoying bug is too hard to fix as it exists since the first days of MSFS and there is no answer from the developers nor there is anything touched even with the World update from my sight of view.
As this is also premium deluxe content i am dissapointed about care of EDDF. I bought this edition because of EDDF and now I am always crahing in an Ghost building on approach.

Please devs make at least a comment on it and whats the big difficulty to solve it.

Tried the above solution but still get the tall building to show up, any new solution? Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any active add-ons in the area (like ORBX) I don’t see anything strange.
My STORE version … I am attaching a screen shot

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