Frank's Airfields in MSFS

Following Moderator’s advice I am starting this new thread in the new Content Creators section of the Forum. I do not make scenery, but when I am simmimg, which is often, I love to (among other things) research, document and visit notable airfields. I have been doing this for myself for years and now, since March 2021, with the beaut scenery offered by MSFS, I am sharing this via a new YouTube Channel (along with lots of other people!):

So if you want to visit notable airfields in MSFS starting with WW2 strips, Bush strips, and “Golden Oldie” strips (more different types of airfields to come) with a new video each week, then check out the Channel. It provides brief, interesting information on airfields and locations, and great places to fly in MSFS. I hope it adds value to your MSFS experience. So far there are 13 WW2 Airfields videos, 5 Bush Airfield videos, and 2 Golden Oldie Airfields videos. Lots more to come, I hope! Nice to be retired from formerly being an airport engineer so as to have the time to do this! Hope you enjoy. Cheers.