Free eurofighter typhoon until 23/5/2021


Thanks for letting folks know!

For those who are unfamiliar with this aircraft, there are a number of other threads on the forums where others have commented on this release.

Examples of other threads include:


@FeebleMist95281, thanks for the heads-up for this beaut temporary freebie. Much appreciated. Cheers.

many people are already aware that the Typhoon is not exactly a very good product. But since it’s free until tomorrow I will have a look at it nonetheless. Would never pay money for it though.


thanks for the warning :rofl:


Finally. The perfect price for this aircraft. :rofl:


Well, I am enjoying it. Cheers.

As a buyer of the Typhoon you feel a bit betrayed now, sorry …
And yes is a bad Plane, @tamalien say it correctly.

Thanks for making it FREE until tomorrow…Cheers!


Normally I don’t fly this type of aircraft, but I have to admit it’s a lot of fun.


Developer Bredok3d. NO thanks.


Man this stuff isn’t even worth free… from the updates to their MAX, they put some effort into their products I suppose but not payware level for sure.

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Interesting…free now…huh.

I bought this jet in the marketplace inside MSFS…flew it on the 15th and 16th. Had a lot of fun flying it. But I look now…and it’s no longer in the MSFS marketplace, must be because they have it free at the moment.

It seems a good offer but unfortunately I refuse to use sim market due to issues with pirate and sub standard products there.

For anyone that has a sim market account though it seems a very generous offer.

not to be a pessimist but they probably only put it on sale so that people downloaded it resulting in more downloads shown on the product, leading to more people purchasing it in the mind frame that it’s a trustworthy product & company… which we know it isn’t.

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If Bredok pays me 20 dollars per hour, I’ll download and fly it. Otherwise it’s a hard pass, even if free.


From the changelog, last entry from: 24/01/2021 Version 1.10

Before that there were changes every 2 weeks - seems like “abandonware”, especially given instructions in the manual like:

VNAV = Vertical Navigation : could not work for version 1.10
➔ disable it if ON by default, or activate V/S (releases VNAV)…
In case of bug with this, disconnect/reconnect (8 button) A/P to reset AP

Doesn’t sound very convincing… :wink:

Anyway, it’s free now and I got my copy - will try it out. Will probably serve for at least some nice screenshots and some “I want to go from A to B - FAST!”-moments :slight_smile:

So thanks for the heads-up!

Everytime I look it does not say FREE says, $19.99 USD?

@INS1DETHEWALLS, that maybe because it was free only to 23 May. Cheers.

I bought this mode on sim market for 0 € just to take advantage of the sale with no great illusion, it’s really a joke, I’m really sorry for you guys, who paid the base price. I don’t even understand how this plane can be paid for. Anyway, let’s move on…