Free & Open Source Analog Gauges App

Pretty neat, just tried them. Agree with the post above, would be good to adjust their size. BTY, I made a autohotkey script to turn them on and off.

Anyway to insert an elevator trim gauge?

Sure! I made it scalable, new build is in drive and repo is updated.

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Yes it is possible. I want all gauges to have real reference. Maybe I do a separate trim window?

Your script sounds cool! How do you made it and when do use it?

Hit shift i.

DetectHiddenWindows, Off
IfWinActive, %TheWindowTitle%
WinMinimize, %TheWindowTitle%
IfWinExist, %TheWindowTitle%
WinGet, winid, ID, %TheWindowTitle%
DllCall(“SwitchToThisWindow”, “UInt”, winid, “UInt”, 1)

+i::ToggleWinMinimize(“Analog Instruments”)

Have you used this app while flying? Do you like it? What features should I add next?

The app works super fine. Great job.
Two suggestions, but I don’t know if it is complex:

  • VOR, ADF or GPS ?
  • abitiy to modify the range of the gauges, maybe from a textual description file ?

Thank you for your feedback Helix! Do you mean with VOR/ADF/GPS a new gauge or display or do you mean that gyro compass should have a needle?
I have started to make a dynamic airspeed meter. It should read the aircraft and adjust airspeed colors, range and redline accordingly.

I tend to prefer a new gauge, but an HSI have the advantage of compactness.
Great news for the dynamic airspeed meter, really cool if there is even no need to manually set the ranges.
Thanks for your work.

I started making HSI. It will be great! I am thinking about the order of gauges. What order would you prefer? Now it is just sixpack in one line.
Here is a link to airspeed gauge data if you are interested.

v0.0.2a released. GPS driven HSI was added.


  • airspeed gauge changes with aircraft
  • pitch trim gauge

Release 0.0.3 is near! Only playtesting is left before publishing.
Upcoming updates:

  • Automatic airspeed indicator range and redline on ranges 140, 160, 200, 240,260, 300 and 450 knots.
  • Elevator trim indicator
  • Gauge window fixed scale

Do you have any feature ideas or bugs or anything else?

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Version 0.0.3 is released. I haven’t done much use testing so I appreciate all feedback.


  • Automatic airspeed indicator range and reference speed bugs based on csv table
  • Added pitch trim indicator
  • Fixed window scaling
  • Added reference speed csv table
  • Removed autoconnect
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Many thanks for this. I always struggle with Github. Where do you download the zipped programme? I downloaded the source code by mistake. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your feedback. I updated the files. Now everything is also in zip file.

Does this need to be run on the same PC as MSFS, or can you run it on another pc on the same network, similar to AM4?

It works on the same pc. Networking is planned

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Hi there! I like the look of those gauges! Have you looked at making this work with Prepar3D?

Thank you BenkelBuddy! It is possible and not so hard to make this work with Prepar3D. Stay tuned, I put it in the roadmap.