Freedom Fox (Trent Palmer's Kitfox) by developer Parallel 42

Because Trent didn’t want it that way, and he doesn’t want his art on any plane not accurately representing “Freedom Fox”. Notice a prior fox no longer bundles the livery? Yea that…

If you want to experience FreedomFox as accurately as possible, it will be in a specific variant, of our aircraft.

We set out to represent his specific aircraft as the iconic plane that it is, succeeded, earned the signature, and will continue to protect it in it’s purest and officially licensed form.

I can’t stop you from creating a livery of FreedomFox for Fox2 (fan art), but I’ll rest easy knowing that we respected our agreement with Trent and were not strong-armed by someone yelling online in caps. Whatever happens on your end after that, is not on us. That’s the end of this conversation.