[Freeware Announcement] study level freeware A350 for MSFS

Hi everyone,

I’m Max from Digital Flight Dynamics and we are developing a free study level Airbus A350 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We are in the early development stage, but we also search some developers who will speed up the development (of course not to rush). This project will be completely free and please feel free to give us some feedback maybe on our Discord.

If you want to develop with us and be a part of this project, then please DM me via Discord. (.Max#1174)

Thank you!!
(developer at Digital Flight Dynamics and student pilot)


Sounds cool! I’m not able to code or stuff but I could betatest if you need someone to test it.

A350 is one of the Planes I really look forward to fly.


This is Awesome!

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looking forward to fly this once msfs no longer have bugs like pressing the “v” key would crash the sim!

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I can also beta test when needed. Would love an a350. Very excited for this.

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Team up with FBWS!


This is brilliant, good luck lads!

More than happy to support with any testing & feedback :+1:


What way you’ll get a profit? :thinking:

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maybe donations, but we don’t want money!! :slight_smile:

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omg, am I dreaming?


Looking forward to your aircraft, the A350 is my favourite airliner!

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So what’s the status now?

Not wanna sound too negative, especially when someone offers something for free. But talking from my experience, when someone mentions “Study Level” and “Freeware” in the same sentence it usually is not going to happen.

EDIT: Looking at the discord, everything they have (for the public to see atleast) is a WIP 3D Model. And the guy who models the plane is not involved in the discord anymore. So, id assume, it confirms my statement above. It went from daily previews of the slightest little progress on the basic 3D model to dead silence since months.


I’m not anymore into the project involved, so the link is an old one and I have no idea what the status of the current A350 is. I’m a developer at Ouroboros Jets from the beginning :smile:.

That discord is abandoned basically.
Here is the active one:

And some pics:


Current cockpit (obviously nowhere near complete):


omg this is amazing, not because its free, but because it is study level. :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

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Big updates tomorrow on their youtube channel.


No news since February?

this like the other “study level” A350 is dead as well , correct?

Oh! Just found their last update posted on YT in last july : Discover350 Ep 2 | DFD A350X Progress Update - YouTube

It is still going forward!