[Freeware] EDDS Stuttgart Airport Work in Progress (Missing Airport) Community Project

No, I wasn´t.
Question: do I need to copy the whole folder “edds…” or just the files in it?
Why are things so difiicult?
Btw, thanks for support so far.
UPDATE: without the “folder” still not working.
Can anyone just describe this more deeply or make screenshots for stupid people like me?

The relevant folder is the “gravity-edds” folder. This has to be copied into the “…\Packages\Community” folder.
So it looks like “…\Packages\Community\gravity-edds” in the end.

But not in AppData\Roaming (!), …AppData\Local is the right path.

It has to be like

Hope this helps.

In Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache is a UserCfg.opt file, open it with notepad or whatever texteditor you use.

At the bottom of the file you’ll see: InstalledPackagesPath “*******:\Microsoft Flight Simulator” this is your data folder with Cache Community Official folders

it has to look like this:

send a screenshot of the “\Community” folder.

It depends on where his data folder is located. My data folder is installed at D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Community

Thats why I posted the Usercfg.opt link to be sure where his data folder is located.

Danke Jungs!! Endlich jemand, der das Problem löst😀
Ich hab zwar keine Ahnung davon, aber wenn ihr noch Hilfe brauchen solltet bin ich auf jeden Fall dabei!:+1:

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Hi guys, I owe you some beers!
I found the corresponding folder (which was on D in my case).

Anyway, it WORKED. So glad to be “back home”.
What an AWESOME community here!

Danke Jungs!

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The donation link is above. If you need a hint: :ghost:

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Glad it works now, have a great flight…

Hallo, seit dem neuesten Update von MSFS 2020 geht der EDDS bei mir nicht mehr, gibts da ne Lösung? oder ist bei mir nur was falsch? edds-gravitiy Ordner ist im Community Ordner, wie auch vor dem Update.
Danke im Vorraus

Hast du die aktuelle Version ? v0.1b

Versuch es sonst damit, das sollte eigentlich gehen

When I use the latest version and start cold and dark, the camera is all weird and after like 20 seconds the game will crash.

Do you still have trouble with the airport importing?
Can you tell if you are using some 3rd party add on?

Are you using the steam version?
I hope we can sort out the issue…

Hey there. It is weird, tried it a few days ago and had the mentioned problems.
Now it works :man_shrugging: As soon as you complain, it starts working ^^
But thanks for offering support.

Don’t quite understand why Aerosoft still hasn’t released a DLC to Stuttgart, because they already offer the same airport as DLC for X-Plane 11 and the satellite images were not pixelated there at the time.

Agree… Aerosoft brings superb quality airports all over the world… But for me as a German “Swebian” we need EDDS…!!!


Hi NoteBeule338,

how about our two special landmarks in Stuttgart, the tv-tower and the radio-tower?
Can we hope for a timely release?

Thanks for your great work!!!

best regards

Our Priority is the version 0.2 of the airport at the moment, the Landmarks will follow there after.

You have EDDS from us :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply.
So I´m really glad that you are working on our favourite airport. :+1:t2: :wink: