Freeware - EGPB Sumburgh - Upgrade

This is a total rework of Sumburgh airport on Shetland.

All of the aprons have been replaced. It has had lighting applied. Most buildings have been erased or replaced. Fences have been added. Rock buried in the runway approaches.

Just in time for your Out Skerries odyssey.


Great, thank you. It’s one of the airports that is represented in the VFR Course from the FS Academy.

So this has proven to be more unconsciously handy that I expected. That’s good to know.

I didn’t realise such a thing existed. I may well check it out if ever manage to get some flying in.

Thank you for this!

Is this airport also a good upgrade after the UK update?

Yes. Nothing changed in shetland with the UK update apart from adding out Skerries.

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