Freeware file naming a mess, can MS offer structure and some simple guidelines?

With an ever increasing number of free- and payware packages, my Community folder is becoming a mess. Some developers name their package scenery, some give a version number to the package (thus the older version is not automatically overwritten) and seldom is there an indication of country in the filename.

There are programs offered now to sort this out but I am hesitant to use any of them yet. Most of the stuff I download (free, paying for coffees or simply paying) I have now transfered to another folder, with country names. Then before flying, I copy and paste what I need into the Community folder.

All this leaves unsaid that I appreciate enormously the efforts and work of all the people making these mods to overcome the understandable “Bing-choice” Microsoft had to make!!

Your thoughts or solutions?


You can change the main-folder name of the addon’s in the community folder yourselve.
This way you can organise yourselve.

For example

  • Airport-XXXX
  • Livery-XXXX

Etc etc.


True, but be aware that some addons need to be loaded after others; an example being the Bonanza G36 community mod needs to load after the G1000 community mod. :small_airplane: :smile_cat:

And the updating process is a lot more cumbersome…

I agree with you that the updating will require a bit more work, but in the end having a well organized community folder (by changing the mods names yourself) will pay off.

I sort mine by continent and country and then use the MSFS Addons Linker to only load the scenery for the area I’m flying in.

But what about the updates? Now they simply overwrite folders with the same name… Then you have to figure out which was which, or am I wrong?