[Freeware] High quality RCQC Penghu Airport, Taiwan

Hi all pilot,
I’d like to introduce our dev team’s latest project, RCQC Penghu Airport.
Penghu archipelago is located in the southwest of the Taiwan Strait. Penghu is known as the pearl of the Taiwan Strait. Penghu airport (RCQC) currently has a runway length with 3000m. Local carriers use ATR-72, B737, A320, or DHC-6 to fly the community routes. Taiwan air force troops also stay here for strategic deployment. Fighter jets are pretty common here. This package provide overhaul of the airport environment. Pretty much it’s a payware level scenery with no cost. Wish you can enjoy it!

The features includes:
Whole new PBR terminals with highly detailed objects.

Whole new airport area buildings with highly detailed textures.

Custom vehicles for this airport in including taxi, cargo trucks, fuel trucks, and tow trucks.

Highly detailed static fighter jet “IDF” is placed in.

Runway and taxiway slope are carefully animated to follow real world data.

New custom ground materials to decorate apron.

Runway distance remaining signs and walls are carefully designed to expand view distance.

Highly detailed terminal night lights and also includes famous Penghu “Xiying Rainbow Bridge”. (a POI is added.)

Vegetation around airports are placed as real as possible.


Wow… Nice. Great to see Asia getting some love.

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Looks amazing, thank you for the work you have all done, will definitely download and check this out!

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I saw this up on flightsim.to the other day. On the basis of the pictures, I added a stop there to my world tour. Excellent work and thank you for making this available to the community!

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Gonna have to download this one right now. Thanks for the work. It looks awesome :smiley:

Taiwan is most definitely one of my favorite countries. :grinning:

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lol looks better than some payware. Amazing job, thank you.
It’s time for payware devs to up their standards.
Btw will it work fine without the dem file? I don’t like those.

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Thanks for your kind word. I’m afraid you need those DEM files since the airport is designed based on that profile and it rendered terrain up to real airline pilot view on that airport while the file size is small. Thanks for your understanding.