[Freeware] Loburn Abbey, NZ (Campbell Aviation)

Just released! Here is my new creation for MSFS : Loburn Abbey Airfield, in New-Zealand (NZLA).

If you are familiar with warbirds and airshows, you may have noticed the large leather helmets warbird pilots are often wearing. Loburn Abbey is known worldwide in the community of pilots as being the place where Campbell Helmets are made. Ivan Campbell builts small aircraft but also old-looking, modern, carbon-kevlar reinforced helmets that are largely appreciated by aviators! And regularly his small airfield is the place of a fly-in. (Campbell Aero Classics NZ Ltd)
Loburn Abbey will thus become your favorite starting place for a ride in a Spitfire around Christchurch or towards the Southern Alps! (the strip is short so better master your take-off and landing with the Spit!)

Strangely MSFS comes by default with a runway at Loburn Abbey but both its ICAO code and name are wrong. So I replaced them.
I so created the NZLA code and superseded the NZWJ airport from Asobo.
It’s a full improvement of the place and for this I used default assets and some assets from various libraries. Please make sure you have them installed in your “Community” folder.
It features:

  • custom hangar with Campbell Aviation workshop
  • custom house, the “Abbey”
  • custom fences
  • custom hedges
  • custom water tank
  • improved vegetation in the area
  • a fly-in atmosphere!

Download here: