[FREEWARE] Mercer Aerodrome, New Zealand

Hi! I made an airport from Mercer Aerodrome, New Zealand. This is my first one and I didn’t have much information about the airfield, so keep that in mind.
It’s a work in progress on Github, so feel free to send me more information and give your suggestions/opinions.
This airport contains an updated imagery package from Google Maps, since the one from Bing Maps is very old and doesn’t contain a lot of the airfield new stuff.

You can find it here: GitHub - guifarias31/airport-nzme-mercer: FS2020 of Mercer, NZ


Hey nice! You do know where to upload it to so people have access, do you? It’s msfsaddons website. Lots of freeware including a fighter jet.
Let us know when you’re finished!

Oops! You are finished. My bad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Apparently your photos didn’t load when I read your post. But looks great! When I’m back into civilization (I’m hiking the alps), I’ll check out your work. Thanks too for your hard work. I myself have created scenery in X-Plane so I know the tediousness of it :wink:

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Amazing work, found one small thing, the fuel place is right in front of the bridge, maybe you can move that just a little for realism sake.

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Yeah, I know it’s there. A don’t know how to remove the fuel station and the default windsock.
About MSFSaddons, I’ll submit to them later today.