[Freeware] Multiple UK Airfields

Woolston Moss (Warrington) Airstrip

Woolston Moss (Warrington) Airstrip is private airstrip located near Warrington (United Kingdom). This download will allow the airfield to be selectable on the map. It includes runway markings, parking, windsocks, static objects and more.

Download: GitHub - TheGarner/woolstonmoss-airstrip: Woolston Moss (Warrington) Airstrip

Coal Aston Airfield

Coal Aston Airfield is located in Derbyshire (United Kingdom). This freeware airfield is for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Use the ICAO code EGCA to locate the airport within Flight Simulator.

Important Note : As of 27/08/2020 there is an error within the simulator that makes this airfield have two ICAO codes. According to wikipedia the correct ICAO code is: EGCA but EGDF will also allow you to spawn at this field. Due to this, I have included 2x ZIP files, as I had a problem with airport vehicles spawning when using the correct ICAO when building the package. Putting both inside your “Community” folder will make sure the airport vehicles do not spawn as they did not fit in with the type of airfield this is. I have reported this to Microsoft and hopefully it’ll be resolved in a future update.

Download from: GitHub - TheGarner/coalaston-airfield: Coal Aston Airfield

Topcroft Farm Airstrip

Topcroft Farm Airstrip is private airstrip located in Hardwich, Norfolk (United Kingdom), right next door to the old RAF Hardwick base. This download will allow the airfield to be selectable on the map.

Use the code EG48 to be able to locate the airport on the Microsoft Flight Simulator map.

Download from: GitHub - TheGarner/topcroftfarm-airstrip: Topcroft Farm Airstrip


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