[Freeware] NZMF Milford Sound (New Zealand) RELEASED V2.3

Just fantastic, Southland is an area you can fly a small prop for hours on end and never be bored of the view! This addon makes it even more appealing, thank you.

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Amazing job!

Release V1.2

  • +After last patch, (USA update) Asobo has decide to change the mesh mountain around Milford. There are again worst, but less worst of the first Asobo version. This, combined with the changes that I had made, has produced a disaster. So I had to redo all the profiles of the mountains using only the d@mn rectangles, an infamous job.

  • model two new fence in according with the airport photo found online

  • model and add the helicopter correct hangar

  • remove all the light from airport

  • add civil road around the airport


Thanks for keeping it working.

OMG the new Asobo mesh is absolutely a…

for next release i’m working on helicopters.
Static helicopters :wink:


Wow this is incredible, are you at all associated with the NZA Discord Devs?

no yet. i dont know this group
1.3 release!


Thanks so much for this. I’ve been several times in real life and you’ve got it spot on.

What’s new in V.1.4

  • model and add crowd Control Barrier
  • correct helicopter model position near the runway
  • change main bulding model and texture
  • correct some track sign on apron and heli parking




i found this, the main fuel tank! so i hope to insert in 1.5


Awesome! :clap:t2::astonished::+1:t2:

I‘m curious: The fences looks great too! How did you do that? With alpha channel textures or modelling every bar?

hi, thanks

there are model

Wow, great job, as this is one of my favourite starting points for short flights. I need to install this as soon as I can stop my wife from hogging our computer. :laughing:

1.5 online
enjoy !


V1.8 release


Thank you for this very nice work ! I have been to Milford Sound and your work is accurate !!!

Spectacular update, especially considering the download size.


finaly i found time to to update the airport.
It took me a long time, because due to an SSD crash I lost the latest version 1.8.

I found a backup and had to restart from 1.6
At the same time I got to try the new free dem published by Mikeaat and I found it a great job!
So I updated the scenario in accordance with the dem of him.

The result is truly beautiful.



I’ll definitely give it a try since it’s one of my favorite place and favorite scene! Thanks!