[Freeware] Paradise Airstrip, NZ


recently released, “Paradise Airstrip” is a new airfield for MSFS (new ICAO NZ56), located in the South Island of New-Zealand, not far from Queenstown.
Nested in a gorgeous landscape, it was used for skydiving in the area.
A great stop on your route to Milford Sounds!
(compatible with Orbx NZ mesh)

Beautiful approach on both sides, two grass runways, and if you dare, try to land passing between trees on the threshold!

Available to download here:

Stephane / SBWorks


Definitely taking the Twotter on these strips once it comes out.
Also, any chance you can pack all your sceneries as a megapack? Or by region works too.

Yes, why not. I still have some work and more development in mind but if there is a need/demand for a megapack, why not.