[Freeware] Peeyem, a simple package manager for Microsoft Flight Simulator [v0.6.0]

Reminder that Github is not a filesharing site. You cant have releases without code.

OK. I know where it happens and what happens but not why… :frowning_face: One of your packages contains an error that only appears when the application tries to display it… I’ll have another look at the code. You could help me by activating them per 50 or 100 and see which one causes the problem.

I plan to release the code eventually when I think it is ready to withstand the critical eyes of other developers.

I can try and do it in the 50s at a time and see if it helps.

Hi Sardaukar888 for ref I am having that same problem. Have downloaded several times but as with CareerCamera573 it closes once I try and point it to my package warehouse.

I found and solved the problem. A package with a missing or corrupt layout.json file causes the crash I’ll release a new version tonight.

Love the idea of this, but unfortunately it just seems too laggy at the moment to be worth using. Every time a box or boxes are checked the app seems to lag making it unresponsive. I can cut and paste from another folder on the same drive in less time due to this. Another observation I made was that when the mouse cursor is over the first column (display name), scrolling with a mouse wheel is not possible.

Thanks - will download after work and report back.

How many packages do you have? v0.4.1 has been optimized a bit but there’s still a lot of work to do to determine which airports are in each package.