[freeware] Ram Falls, AB (C0304)

Download and drag to your Community folder from here.

A beautiful strip in great condition on the edge of the Rocky Mountains in the foothills - listed as abandoned in publications.

The Ram Falls airstrip is one of many former Alberta Forest Service airstrips scattered throughout remote areas of Alberta. These strips were abandoned by the Alberta Forestry Service in the mid-90s. Most are now overgrown and unusable, Ram Falls has been adopted and maintained by the Red Deer Flying Club.

This strip is walking distance to Ram Falls Provincial Park with the magnificent Ram Falls hiking trails.

ICAO Code: C0304 (only in sim)
Runways: 08 - 26
Surface: Grass
Dimensions: 3300’ (1005.84m) x 100’ (30.48m)


  • spawn points on each end of the runway.
  • 5 small general aviation parking spots.
  • a windsock on the west end.
  • static aircraft, camping and car park scenes.

Known Issues:

  • The simulator incorrectly labels this strip as CYLE ; a report has been filed with Asobo’s bug tracking system.