[Freeware] Ramona (KRNM), California

Ramona airport (ICAO:KRNM) is a public airport, 40 minutes from downtown San Diego and the beach in California. The airport is mostly used for general aviation, the California Department of Foresty and United States Forest Service (USFS) jointly operate a fire attack base. Download for free at : Flightsim.to • Ramona (KRNM) by vbazillio

As all of my MSFS mod, this small scenery is made from pilot-eyes perspective. I flew there several time for pattern training and stops at Plus One Club house, and I’m an amateur scenery developer. This mod is made with 99% of MSFS default objects library. Download for free at : Flightsim.to • Ramona (KRNM) by vbazillio


All airport buildings have been replaced: hangars, FBO’s, Air Attack Base, Classic Rotors museum, all external fence and gates, fuel island, executive hangar, airport beacon…

  • All new and very specific taxiway signs… except the blue ones on Air Attack Base. Let me know if you know what’s written on them! I need your help.
  • Adjustement of all taxiway lines
  • FBO’s Chuck Hall Aviation, CruiseAir Aviation and Pacific Exec Aviation rebuild
  • Replacement of 90% autogen buildings by MSFS Library. Very few are the AI autogenerated buildings by AI Shark / MSFS engine.
  • Hundreds of details to create life: objects from library but also handmade signs and banner on buildings. This scenery may impact your fps.
  • Replacement of Tower
  • Reveal of all helipads (including the north helipad not open to pub :wink:
  • Reveal of Segmented Circle/Windsock south side close to CruiseAir
  • Reveal of Compass Rose
  • Redesign of Fire Attack Base apron with trace of fire retardant. This scenery can’t wait for a Grumman S2 Tracker!
  • Replacement of windsock
  • Replacement of PAPI (2 lights, P2L)

Download for free at : Flightsim.to • Ramona (KRNM) by vbazillio


Outstanding work !
Thank you for being a freeware

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This is every bit as good as payware… if not even better!

Utterly fantastic scenery! Wow!

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Probably better to post this in the Airport section:

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Thank to flightsim.to member BullFrogSim, a new customized control tower is part of the last update of Ramona (KRNM) v1.1.1 and some minor updates. A big thank you to the Community.


This sim,wouldn’t be what it is,without the awesome community🥂

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New version 1.2 with the mystery of the blue taxiway signs revealed. And the transient apron which has changed. Thank to a local pilot for the pics and info !

Just for the fun:

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Version 1.2.5 add:

  • New “Contact Ground” taxiway signs
  • Fix placement of taxiway signs on the new WU10 satellite texture
  • New Fuel island at Pacific Executive Aviation
  • New “Compass base” taxiway signs

When starting playing with MSFS Scenery Editor, I never though one day my amateur work will be featured in the last episode of “The Best Free Add-ons” :wink: