[Freeware] San Diego Brown Field (KSDM), California

Brown Field Municipal (ICAO: KSDM) is located 1.5 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border in the Otay Mesa community of the City of San Diego.Brown Field Municipal is a busy general aviation airport. General aviation encompasses all aviation except air carrier and military, although the military continues to maintain a strong presence (look at FA-18!). The types of general aviation aircraft that operate at Brown Field Municipal include private, corporate, charter, air ambulance, law enforcement, fire rescue, flight training, cargo, skydiving, banner towing, helicopters and… airships.

All types of aircraft are welcome with the 7,972 ft main runway. Even the famous Concorde and AN-2 landed there. Fuel (Jet and Avgas), plenty of hangars, maintenance, ATC in effect, 2 instrument approaches and RAIL, HIRL lightning.

Free to download at: San Diego Brown Field Muni (KSDM) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Author’s note

As for all of my MSFS mod, this small scenery is made from a pilot-eyes perspective. In real, I’m a Plus One Flyers member and mostly fly from Montgomery Field. I’m real PPL but a rookie amateur scenery developer: this mod is made with 99% of MSFS default objects library and feature massive number of details. The scenery is inspired by high resolution aerial views from Bing and Google maps. It’s a mix between the satellite imagery displayed from MSFS and more accurate data found on Internet. 1000+ objects have been added to the default scenery to make in more live and bring a touch of an active area.


  • Add all fences border all around the airport
  • All taxiway markings verified and redesigned if needed
  • Add generic buildings to replace autogen MSFS
  • Add resurfacing patches on runways
  • Fix PAPI position
  • Add ATIS (132.35), Ground (124.4) and Tower (128.25) frequencies
  • Add some banners and signs on public side/business area
  • Add +800 objects manually set
  • Remove several spikes around the field, cleanup of some monolith trees close by the field
  • Remove un-wanted blue light poles and fixe taxiway width
  • Fix pattern circuit’s position
  • Fix and correct windsocks
  • New ground markings on apron (mixed between uptodate and older satellite imagery)
  • Add Cafe Landing Strip, First Flight School, Altitude Helicopters, EAA Chapter 14 hangars and apron
  • Add AVFuel and Philipps66 (First Flight) fuel spots
  • Add plenty of static planes at First Flight school apron (as real as pictures and satellite imagery)
  • Simplified version of US Customs and Border Protections Air Unit (north side of the field)
  • A lot of Helipad available (training on south east side and USCBP Air Unit at the North)
  • F18 at the ramp, as real as it gets (see below)

Free to download at: San Diego Brown Field Muni (KSDM) » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Thank you again, for your excellent sceneries! I am looking forward to fly in the San Diego area with your work being the destination highlights!

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That looks AWESOME!!

If you’re looking to do something outside of CA, I’d love to see someone do a good KPIE in St. Pete, FL. I learned to fly there, it’s both GA and airlines (mostly Allegient, I believe), and the default one has a lot of problems that are probably easy to fix, but I say that as someone who doesn’t even know how to place (or remove) so much as a single taxi light lol!!

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Thank you! I’m now planning to build the last San Diego airfields not yet available. Borrego (L08) is my next target. If someone want to create a scenery entry in the Scenery Request feature at flightsim.to for L08 Borrego, please? Scenery Requests | Microsoft Flight Simulator » Flightsim.to

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Thank you! Challenge accepted!

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Version 1.1.1 has been updated yesterday with a mystery sign revealed (San Diego Jet Center behind the Avfuel) :wink:

I’m not sure it’s 100% accurate, but I also had the San Diego Jet Engine Museum

Several of your airports have museums. Makes me want to visit them IRL.

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It’s funny that you say that. A friend of mine use to say the exact same thing in real. He picks destination if there’s a museum or not :wink: Enjoy!

Thank you for all your hard work.The two airports look fantastic to me. I will have to go check them out now.