[Freeware] San Diego Gillespie Field, El Cajon (KSEE), California

Gillespie Field (ICAO:KSEE) is a county-owned public towered airport, 12 miles northeast downtown San Diego and the beach in California. The airport is mostly used for general aviation, with 3 runways. Gillespie is the home of San Diego Air & Space Museum Annex, the ASTREA (the air support unit of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department) and a dozen of other businesses and flight clubs/schools like my club Plus One Flyers.

Free to download : San Diego Gillespie Field (KSEE) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Golden State Aviation:

Plus One Flyers at tower apron:

High Performance Aircraft:

As for all of my MSFS mod, this small scenery is made from a pilot-eyes perspective. In real, I’m a Plus One Flyers member and mostly fly from Montgomery Field but Gillespie is one of the fourth base. I’m real PPL but a rookie amateur scenery developer: this mod is made with 99% of MSFS default objects library and feature massive number of details. It is inspired by some of my personal videos and pictures but mostly by high resolution aerial views from Bing and Google maps. It’s a mix between the satellite imagery display from MSFS and more accurate data found on Internet. More than 600 objects have been added to the default scenery to make in more live and bring a touch of active area.


  • Taxiway lines: complete redesign, position and correct type like “center line enhanced”
  • Taxiway signs: complete redesign, correct name according to last charts, add some of the two sided taxiway sign (example at D5)
  • Windsocks: correct placement and addition
  • Ground markings: big TAXI yellow ground markings to avoid confusion with runways 27R and 27L and handcrafted (amateur) red intersection runway
  • Night blue light poles: remove the maximum of undesired extra pole
  • Buildings: all airport hangars/FBO’s and buildings have been replaced by MSFS objects library.
  • Fences: 90% of external fences and gates.
  • Others: Reveal of Compass Rose west of the field on D1


  • More accurate enhanced taxiway ground marking (background darkest tone)
  • Some missing taxiway signs (see “Request / I need you” below")
  • Size of taxiway signs (currently “size 3”) maybe too big. Your feedback are welcome.
  • Some few segments of fences to close the field
  • Parking spots should be verified


I need you : there’re several specific signs on taxiways that I found like “ATC NON VISUAL AREA”, “Be a Good Neighbor”. These make the scenery unique and look for other I was unable to identify. If you have pictures, feel free to share with me! The tower is the autogenerated MSFS one. If you want to build a (light) blender object… you are welcome!

Not included: attention to night environment.

Very local taxiway signs (if you know others at KSEE, let me know!):

Apron of ASTREA, the air support unit of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department:

Gillespie Field Cafe, not exactly as the real one, but “it-looks-like”:

Self Serve and fuel station at tower’s apron:

SAA Flight Training and Maintenance:

Circle Air apron with its self serve on the north side of the field:

The compass rose at D1:

Gillespie is not my first amateur scenery. If you love California as I do, enjoy my other freeware scenery for San Diego Montgomery Field (KMYF) and Ramona (KRNM) but also Oceano (L52) up on the Pacific coast. Please also consider my french airports Le Touquet (LFAT), Toussus-Le-Noble (LFPN) and Cosne-sur-Loire (LFGH).


I use your KRNM often. Looking forward to trying this one. Thanks!

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Thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy this San Diego airport as well! Let me know if you find something to fix!

This looks very nice. Thanks for the effort! Oceano is great, so I’d think this one will be too. Will install and take a flight down there to check it out.


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Thanks for doing this, I did my PPL there back in 95 and was hoping someone would improve the default into something a lot more representative.

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Thank you so much for creating this! Greatly appreciated. I’ll download and install this evening as soon as get home from work. Can’t wait to try it out!

I’ve been flying in/out of KSEE a lot lately. Got interested in the area when I researched the Dec 2021 Learjet crash. Sometimes I’ll do a short flight over to KSAN… it’s a great area to spend time in :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Thank you all for your support. Feel free to share your feedback. This first public release is only the 0.9, to collect user’s feedback.

I have already a v1 in progress.

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Here’s some screenshots of the Scenery Editor and MSFS with the v1.0

and “Yes”, it’s an ICBM missile in the background :wink: As in real at the San Diego Air&Space Museum Annex at Gillespie.

Version 1.0 is released on Gillespie Field (KSEE) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Hundreds of new objects to increase life (now +1800 objects total)
  • Blue sign "Prior to enter" on 27R Runup apron
  • Taxiway signs fix and all signs are set to “Size 2” (instead of 3)
  • Fix pattern on 27L
  • Highway sign(s) and billboard on final 27L
  • On going process to close all the fences around the field
  • Enhancement of S.D. Air & Space Museum
  • Atlas ICBM at Air & Space Museum Annex by Fort Opus (Atlas ICBM | 3D Warehouse)
  • New signs Southern Californian Aircraft, Cessna, Safari Aviation East, El Cajon Pilot Supply
  • Stearman in Allen Airways hangar area
  • Airport Tavern
  • New helipads for Mercy Air
  • Replacement of the autogen ATC Tower with a generic one

Specific information signs:

More than 150 taxiway signs!

The fuel island at tower apron:

Gillespie PlusOne Flyers base:


Golden State Aviation:

High Performance Aircraft:

Allen Airways Flying Museum

S.D. Air & Space museum annex


Mercy Air helipads:

Circle Air:

Version 1.0.1 is available, thank you all for your feedback!

  • Bug fix (extra objects, wrong light pole at SAA…)
  • Fix Helipad Transient and Circle Air
  • Exclusion of autogenerated buildings within the airport area
  • Correction of missing building at Safari Aviation
  • Minor improvements: enhancement of Gillespie cafe
  • Remove of unexpected and useless out-of-the field objects
  • Compatibility SU10 Beta b

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New in v1.1:

  • Cleaning ugly monolith trees in the short line of sight (mainly on the north side)
  • Fix and extend the fence border (north side)
  • Add new GS JET hangars adjacent to the west transient ramp

Free to download: Gillespie Field (KSEE) » Microsoft Flight Simulator