[Freeware] San Diego Montgomery-Gibbs Exec (KMYF) - California

Montgomery-Gibbs Exec (KMYF)
San Diego, California, USA

This is my first airport upgrade for MSFS, 99%* done with the MSFS Scenery Editor and default library objects… KMYF is a public airport six miles north of downtown San Diego. The airport has three runways and lot of ramps and hangars. It’s one of the busiest airports in the U.S. for small aircraft and has a number of flying clubs, flight schools, plus business turboprops and jets based there. You also find San Diego Fire Department and the famous King Schools.


  • New taxiway names. C, A, H, G1, M, E are misplaced or non-existent in the stock MSFS version. They are updated in this scenery and are similar the official airport ground chart (for example via Airnav: AirNav: KMYF - Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport)
  • New taxiway signs : all signs have been reviewed and updated
  • A single windsock at the right place.

Extra bonus (it wasn’t the initial project)

  • Missing buildings have been added according to the Bing Map photorealistic texture
  • The underlying apron object covering most of the airport Bing texture is resized and now reveals iconic locations: business area with FSDO and Marv’s Golden, Casa Machado, west side of airport (to be continued), Gibbs FBO and more to come if you enjoy this first step.

If you want a taste of Montgomery (KMYF) in real, you can check my Youtube channel with a lot of Farwest flying trip videos but also this great FAA Runway Safety episode.

The scenery is available for free at : San Diego Montgomery - Gibbs Exec Airport (KMYF) taxiway fix and many more » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Comments are welcome!

** The initial .xml project file has been generated with ADE Build#12 for MSFS.*


Good job mate, I have share it on San Diego Montgomery-Gibbs Exec (KMYF) - California | Forum de Simulation Aérienne & Homecockpit

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Thank you! They were a french text version already on my blog that you could have copier/pasted :wink:

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Version 2.5 is out. With dozen of upgrades among all new Crown Air FBO, a lot of improvement around Gibbs FBO (and on the other of the street at Marv Golden pilot shop)… Enjoy at Flightsim.to • Montgomery - Gibbs Exec Airport (KMYF) taxiway fix and many more by Vincent BAZILLIO

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This airport is also the home for Honeycomb Aeronautical:

Honeycomb Aeronautical Ltd.
Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport
8799 Balboa Avenue, Suite 265
San Diego, CA 92123

It would be interesting if they were included in this scenery add-on.

Their office building has nothing noticeable. The CEO reacted on a post I made in my San Diego club FB page. He mentionned a wellknown fastfood chain he seems to practise at threshod 10L :wink: Close to Honeycomb offices, a wellknow restaurant and terrasse to look at the field is badly represented by the 3D photogrametry (94th Aero Squadron).

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Thumbs up on this content.

Airport life around Gibbs FBO.

Too bad we can not actually walk in and get a burrito at Casa Machado.

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I used to live and work near Montgomery in my pre-flying days. This add-on is great and brings back many memories. Thank you!


Version 2.6.7 has been released yesterday with a lot of changes : the end of Gibbs Flying Services FBO :frowning: replaced by Executive Air Part (by Crown Air) + thanks to some aerials the Coast Air FBO area has been redesigned in the scenery.

New version 2.8.0 with the outstanding control tower by BullFrogSim ! When a flightsim.to community member offers you his work for free!

And some other enhancement…

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