[Freeware] San Diego Oceanside (Bob Maxwell Memorial Airfield) (KOKB), California

Centrally located in the heart of the beautiful Southern California coastline, Oceanside is considered the gateway city between metropolitan San Diego and Los Angeles. Located on 70-acres in the San Diego County area of California, the Bob Maxwell Memorial Field at Oceanside Municipal Airport (ICAO:KOKB) is a general aviation airport featuring a one runway (2712ft), Transient Parking and fuel services.

Free to download : San Diego Oceanside (Bob Maxwell Memorial Airfield) (KOKB) for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS


  • Add all fences border all around the airport
  • Add generic buildings to replace autogen MSFS
  • Add specific information signs holding point 25
  • Add Mercy Air and Reach helipads
  • Add GoJump America parachuting skydiving center and the dropzone north of the runway
  • Add Airport bikes (free use, if you know where is the sign really located, please let me know!)
  • Add Coastal Aero Scenic biplane
  • Add resurfacing patches on runway 07/25
  • AddASOS frequency 127.8
  • Add CTAF frequency 122.725
  • Add some banners and signs on public side/business area
  • Add +500 objects
  • Remove several spikes around the field
  • Remove the Cinema Drive-In
  • Remove undesired approach lights
  • Remove of all taxiway signs
  • Remove un-wanted blue light poles
  • Fix circuit’s position runway 25 (right traffic)
  • Fix windsocks
  • Fix taxiways ground markings
  • Limited use of default autogen buildings for business area

Enjoy ! San Diego Oceanside (Bob Maxwell Memorial Airfield) (KOKB) for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS



(FYI, typo, it’s Bob Maxwell)

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Thank you BigCow74! Sorry for the mistake and typo. It’s corrected now.

Thanks so much. I spent a week at the airport in the '80’s getting taildragger instruction because I acquired a Cessna 140 based there. When it was ready from a fresh inspection, I took off and flew the 140 across the US to its home airport at Linden, NJ, tucked right under Newark’s airspace. Spent nine days with a number of stops along the way. Good memories, so I appreciate your Oceanside work.


KRNM - KOKB with a circle around the Wild Animal Park :slight_smile:

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How was your experience? No issue with this v0.9 KOKB version?

Haven’t tried it yet…and I was there 30 years ago.

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No issues. Landed RW25 and rolled to the end. Taxi’d back to mid field and parked. There was a lot of parked traffic, more than I usually see, but that could be my settings.

No glitches I could see.

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Thank you!

I put static aircraft in my scenery but far less than what I can see on Google Maps, Bing Map or Apple Map!!

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Seemed realistic compared to my memory of the place. Spent a lot of time around the hangars and shops. Felt like I was back again. Nice work.

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I totally forgot to share the version 1 which were ready 'till the end of July :wink: Here’s my mistake corrected. Download v1 from flightsim.to :wink:

v1 Release notes:
-Final First public releaseFix the Drive-In theater wrong overlay
-Fix some more extra Spikes on approach path final 7
-Fix the type of Exclusion Polygons to remove monolith trees
-Fix color of some flatering polygon

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Thanks for adding the Heliports. A question and observation.

There are 28 static GA planes by default when I load into KOKB. Is that what you intended?

Observation. The western-most Helipad spawns the helicopter almost on top of a couple of those static GA planes. Here’s a small screencap from Little Nav Map.

Hello BigCow74. Thanks for your feedback. Version 1.0.3 has just been uploaded and as adviced I have remove the west side helipad. Regarding the important number of static aircraft, it’s on purpose based on what I know of the field, a lot of plane are staying outside parked there.

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Thanks for this, I used to stay in Oceanside for work for a few weeks every year and passed this airport regularly

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New minor update 1.0.32 just uploaded:

  • Update west side threshold 7 (gravel, markings)
  • More spikes cleaning west side of the field
  • Christmas Decoration for GoJump
  • Fix and revised several textures

Enjoy !

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Version 1.0.40 is released. Enjoy southern California !

  • Remove Christmas decorations
  • Relocate at the real place the Free Airport Bikes
  • Fix the Boeing Stearman by Emmanuel Baranger

New small update (v1.0.45)

  • New Free bike pick-up details
  • Fix some hangars size and location
  • New logo on fuel pump (Titan logo replaces Shell)
  • New Helipad (based on last Bing imagery)
  • Enhance some ground apron textures


Version 1.1 released:

  • New runway markings by replacing the default with a handmade (and bigger) numbers but keep the OCEANSIDE
  • New textures on car parking ground at entrance
  • Fix a double building issue
  • Update taxi lines on the runway (according to update satellite images)
  • Update displace threshold on runway 7 (yellow instead of white) and more accuracy
  • Clean TIN (photogrammetric) erroneous objects visible from the pattern


Neofly Parachute mission out of KOKB.

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