[Freeware] Toussus-Le-Noble (LFPN) Paris, France

Although FranceVFR editor has releases Toussus-Le-Noble (LFPN) in its Pack VFR Paris, this small scenery redesigns the whole airport area. It’s a mod from pilot-eyes perspective and includes VFR reporting points. I’m a real VFR pilot departing from Toussus-Le-Noble and want to add details I know in real, in the sim, for example, you’ll get all the real taxiway signs. The scenery is available for free at: Toussus-Le-Noble (LFPN) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

This mod has been made with 99% of integrated MSFS objects excepted the Robinson R44, the Dauphin in HeliUnion apron, cones for the transcient grass parking and helicopter’s taxiways. Don’t be to harsh when you’ll look at the tower building. It’s a Frankenstein-like “creation”. If you want to help and have skills in Blender/Sketchup and can create some of Toussus buildings, let me know!


  • 98% of airport buildings have been replaced: from East area with Jousse and Mont Blanc Helicoptères to the West side with AstonFly and Trimaille, including the terminal, the firestation and all hangars. Special attention to Alcyons and ATCF with its restaurant.
  • Update of 7/25 runways : the white cross on 7R and the displaced threshold 7L.
  • New FATO and helicopter’s taxiways
  • New taxiway signs to match the real world. Except one that I know for sure exist but have no clue what is display on
  • Dozen of small objects to make the scenery alive:parked planes, helicopters, vegetation, water tower, VOR, VDF, gate is opened for plane if you want to go/from Farman hangar…
  • Point VFR SIERRA : trees removal to make the forest aisle visible, heading to the famous farm with red roof, new power towers (pylons of high voltage)
  • Red and white check: base leg 25 to visualize inner and outer base, “clocheton avec damier rouge et blanc” on downwind leg (also HOTEL VFR reporting point for helicopters).
  • New few objects in Centre d’Etude Nucléaire de Saclay (towers, antennas) to make it more dense.
  • No change on ATC frequency and radionavigation

The scenery is available for free at: Toussus-Le-Noble (LFPN) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Enjoy my amateur work!


Thank you very much. I will try it this Afternoon.

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v1 is released :wink:

The scenery is available for free at: Toussus-Le-Noble (LFPN) » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Version 1.0.3 has been uploaded with a new Farman building and a new Alcyons club house.


Next version 1.0.5 will include the control tower and it’s building design by Martin Clark that I met virtually. He proposed weeks ago to build the object to get integrated in the next version!

Should be available within the next hours at flightsim.to with other upgrades.

In case you’re using my scenery, I just released an hotfix v1.1.1 which should correct airports services that was totally removed from all other the world when my scenery was active. Oups! Sorry!

Freely available at Toussus-Le-Noble (LFPN) » Microsoft Flight Simulator