Freeze at loadup

Apologies if I’m posting in the wrong section. Two nights ago the game froze while loading at about 75% of the blue bar. After trying a couple of times more I removed all the addons I had from the Community folder and tried again with exactly the same result. I uninstalled the game and I’ve just finished reinstalling it but again same thing, loading stops at approx 75%. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I am running the Steam version of the game.
EDIT I think I’ll try reinstalling once more.


I’m stuck at the same spot as well

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This troubleshooter checklist series link may be a good place to start:

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Thank you .

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Yes as 4 me since day one

Same here… once, the game froze while loading the ‘Fly’.
And also I had 2 CTDs.

Steam PC version.
i7 12700k
GTX 1080Ti