Freeze every 3 seconds (menu and game)

The game constantly freezes for half a second to a second every 3 seconds. This happens also in the menu, content manager, settings, everywhere, and of course in game.

At startup until ending. Constantly fluent, short freeze, fluent, short freeze, etc… CPU, GPU, and RAM not 100%. Does not make a difference with to without mods, or low settings.

Any ideas?

It is the GPU apparently, I can hear the coil whine, and then it stops, coil whine again and stops and that on repeat. Someone? The game is not playble like this.

V-sync does nothing. It does it only in MSFS 2020, not in other games.

Mine was doing this…caused by the VPN (Nord). Have to run it with VPN off in my case.

Every spike is a freeze.


I sadly do not have a VPN at this time

Have you tried using Nvidia control panel settngs. Primarily, limiting your FPS to 60 or less via the control panel.

Yes, optimized those settings. But I don’t come near to 60 anyway :sleepy:

After becoming crazy to understand why my MSFS randomly freezes for a couple of seconds with no reason I’ve installed the Process Explorer tool and discovered MSFS sometimes starts vrserver.exe (the Valve solution for VR I installed on my PC) completely hanging my pc

Using google I found this link explaining how to solve it