Freeze flight bug (video)

Not sure what to think of this but it started about 2.5 hrs into a 5 hr. It finally ran out if fuel but remains hanging in midair…? Never experienced this before today.

flight…. The plane just stopped flying but the program seems to keep running… It’s just hanging in mid air seemingly functional but not flying or moving, using up fuel and all sounds are working. The movement you are seeing is not from me moving the view but the plane’s reaction from me moving the controls. As you can see the contrails are static as is the relative position on the ground. The only add-on is The Salty 747 upgrade and Polar livery.

FYI the location this occurred is at: 60.1457, -76.3225 according to my “arrival” log entry.

MSFS update (up to date as far as I know)

My hardware is as follows:

PC Falcon NW Talon
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16 core processor 3.40 Ghz
64 GB ram
graphics card:
Nvidia Geforce RTC 3090 version. 466.77
Windows 10 pro (current)
OS build 19044.1526

Topic moved into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as a mod for aircraft and livery is being used.

To note: Where you flying with gear down all that time; which may increase drag and excess fuel burn? Possible structural damage too. It looks to be that active pause may have been engaged.

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I thought same :rofl: … and the second thinking: “does he possible pressed active pause” :wink:

No the gear wasn’t down the whole time I was just moving all the controls and things to see what worked and what it didn’t I had a much longer video clip five Meg is a big as they allow. Active pause was not being used.

Are you sure active pause wasn’t turned on?

may you should check whether it happens again. For me it sounds exactly like the active pause and it happend yesterday for me too: I pressed some switches in the DC-6 and I came parallel in the range of the menu ( I don’t like these ) and pressed in this way pause too, but realized it first some “issue-finding-minutes” later :rofl:

It spontaneously occurred for me (I wasn’t even near the computer watching a movie in another room) I don’t think the plane moves around like that (when the controls are moved) while it’s in active pause.

That is strange. It shouldn’t go into active pause if you or a control binding wasn’t set to trigger it.

I would say try to reproduce it and check your bindings for any active pause states.

I just did a quick test and sure enough when in “active pause” the plane does move around if you move the controls so that appears to be the mode that it was in. when you have it in 4X clock speed the movements are exaggerated as in the video. Active pause is not a command I typically use so I was not familiar with seeing how it reacted. I still don’t know how it got in that mode since I wasn’t anywhere near the computer and no one else was either. It must have been what I’ll call “Spontaneous active pause during unattended flight”. I do not have anything binded or assigned other than the pause button on the keyboard or the pull down menu, which are the only ways I have to turn on active pause. Still an odd occurrence (first time for me.)

I’ll keep an eye out for it happening again and report back if it does.

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