Freezing at KCOS Airport and surrounding area

Hi all,

New forum user here, hope you’re all well?

I play on Xbox Series X, and have been from day one. Recently, I’ve noticed when taking off from KCOS (Colorado Springs Municipal Airport) the game is freezing and staying that way for between 5-10 seconds, kicks back in for a few seconds then repeats. I think it’s only been doing it from WU10, but can’t say for sure.

Has anyone else experienced this at all? No matter what plane I use it is always the same result.

Thank you!

Does it only do that at KCOS? Try it out of Meadow Lake Airport. Sounds like some background process running though.

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Thanks for the reply!

I’ve tried it out of relatively smaller airports around the area, and also Denver too, which is North of KCOS. All fine.

Going down the runway I’m ok, I get to V1 and then the issue starts.

I’ve no mods installed around that area either, so I can’t even blame that lol. But it’s the fact that the freezing is continuously holding the game for 5-10 seconds and ruining it

Keep in mind that conflicting mods don’t have to be limited to ones near the area you’re using. There was a thread a few days ago concerning performance issues that the affected person figured out were caused by a mod for an area 5000 miles away (in MSFS miles!). Computer code may only be three electrons way from trouble! Anyway, consider any mods you have as suspect.

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Ahhh ok!

Thank you for that. I may have to remove all mods and try introduce one by one then, and possibly find the culprit, so to speak.

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Just a quick update, I pulled a load of airport mode and it’s just ran smooth :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the help!

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Yeah I have removed some mods and it has seemed to have cured the problem :slight_smile:

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I’m confused on how a “Mod” could effect a “stock” Asobo airport. No matter the aircraft, and only at the particular airport for this user who is on the xbox platform. Just doesn’t make logical sense to me. I have been flight simming since 1984 and this just doesn’t pass without a defined cause.