Freezing/slowing down all the time

Hi there,

My sim is slowing down/freezing all the time, sometimes it goes fine 10 minutes, and other times every few minutes. It takes about 20 seconds up to a minute. The rest of the system remains responsive. When watching system usages the CPU just drops to 4% usages and clocks down while the GPU is still at 100% or drops too. Memory is not at 100% usage so that is fine. Network wise the system is connected wired to a 1Gbit connection.

It’s happening a lot when doing something else and than bring MSFS back to focus…

Windows and Nvidia drivers are up-to-date.

System specs:
Windows 10
Intel i7 8700 @ 4.9GHz
16GB ram
GTX 1080ti
Installed on its own SSD

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