French Alps to the Med (World Update IV)

After landing at the sloped runway of Megève from my Mt Blanc sight seeing flight, I swapped seasons to summer and jumped into the Carenado Mooney to head down to Marseille, following the valley systems VFR as I tracked south.

Unfortunately I suffered a random CTD with no warning or error message on approach into Marseille, so had to restart my flight as in order to continue along the Mediterranean coast to Nice! :fr:


Those are great shots you got. If you were to guess, how many individual camera bindings have you set up. That’s the one thing I haven’t done. I have a stream-deck that I might use to set up a bunch of them.

Cheers! I also run a streamdeck but don’t have any custom camera settings binded, I just a key assigned to swap between regular external view and drone view, then fly around with the keyboard keys to find attractive looking angles of whichever aircraft I happen to be flying.

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how did you get stream-deck to change to the right profile when you launch MSFS2020. When I put in the flight sim EXE file in the stream-deck I get a permissions error. So i can’t get the right profile to come up automatically (I have many different games I need to use stream-deck for). All my other games (x-plane, DCS, & others) work just fine but the MS 2020 executable in “windowsapp” folder path is locked down for some reason. (I am a Game-Pass subscriber with the full DELUXE package upgrade). thx

Hi @LinenOrc9251924, my streamdeck defaults to the MSFS profile I have set up and displays it even when I’m not running the sim. The only other software I use it for is Adobe Lightroom and when I open the Lightroom program on my PC it switches over be default.

Sorry I can’t be of much help here, I’m running the Steam version of MSFS with a desktop shortcut that opens “steam://rungameid/1250410 “-FastLaunch””


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