Frequent CTDs - especially after restarting a flight

For the last week or two, I’m having frequent crashes to desktop without an error message, especially after restarting a flight. The CTD can occur at any time during a flight, or even before takeoff.

I haven’t made any changes to my system configuration. I tried starting up the sim in safe mode, but still have CTDs. I do have custom liveries installed, but they have not been changed in months.

Has anybody else had this issue appear just within the last couple of weeks?

Oddly enough I have seen this. And for me at least, it was the liveries. But it was a livery I hadn’t used in months. Once removed the sim was fine and no more crashes. So it wasn’t like I used a livery a few days ago, then used it again today and I got a crash.

I hope this helps.

Edit - do you still see liveries in safe mode?? If not, then I don’t think my situation is the same as yours. Sorry :disappointed: