Frequent VR freezes and screen blackouts

Yep that’s exactly it.

I do not think it is a hardware issue because it ONLY occurs in MSFS.

Like you I get these at an Airport/Airfield and or at the transition of sceneries and Airports whether they are MSFS or Add-ons.

Yup I found that too. I will run it later when I get to try out the new Milviz Porter PC6 and see what occurs but again I do not expect any hardware related issue as this ONLY occurs in MSFs 2020

Check if there is a correlation with the hang ups and flying into scenery that requires loading from your HD. Might be what causes the delays as the sim loads airports and stuff from 3rd party devs.

Is defo an issue with MSFS, I just opened XP11 and run a full 3 hours flight with no blackouts or issues like in MSFS. Its not the USB power otherwise XP11 would be affected as well, and btw, it used to work with the same configuration.

I also tried to run MSFS with SteamVR and I can see MSFS is freezing, no blackouts as STeamVR has a different way to deal with app freezes and is showing a sign with the application name… “MSFS 2020” it says and a waiting symbol, once MSFS returns the VR continues. Same symptom as my Reverb G2 blackouts with WMR only.

The only difference was the latest Patch, that introduced that pre-caching in VR, I wonder if is that. I will try disabling it next time.

Yes My thought too. You might get stutters but really, from an nvme.2 ssd it should be minimal and doesn’t occur in X-plane 11. I also tested this theory by removing all community files and Orbx scenery and guess what?.. It still happened withjust stock senery. Oh Well, go figure!

The idea of a Cache is to prevent stutters and delays by pre-loading data before you actually need it. I tried that too and even off made no difference.

Interesting steam message though, if only it told you what it was waiting for that might help whittle it down.

I created a bug and a zendesk ticket, ig you can upvote it will be great

Also look at this post where crashes with the HP Reverb were reported as fixed: MSFS 2020 Crash in VR - HP Reverb G2 - #338 by Speler596679479

Ran it last night for 1.5 hours. Experienced 3 blackouts and no errors reported.

Perhaps you mis-understood, this posting does not refer to any CTDs only in sim VR hangs/screen blackouts which always recover (eventually).

Hi there, been doing some more testing etc. even bought a Starcom internal SATA powered usb hub which was recommended to solve power/usb over load issue but to no avail. In talking to people on VRFlightSimGuy’s Discord group, we kind of established that others experiencing this were like me, on the MS-Store version of MSFS 2020 and not those on the Steam version. Which version are you running?

I have the excact same issues, as @markymarksti describes. Hardware is quite similar, only difference I am on an AMD X570 Board and use a R7 5800X and a RTX 3080TI from MSI (Ventus 3x OC).

Same headset, same RAM. I started to think it is my GPU but nope. I guess it is an issue with FS2020 as all other games actually run really smooth. MS Store version here aswell.

Sometimes I have those freezes in pancake mode aswell.

hi it looks like your savvy with this sort of thing i wonder if you had any ideas i could try my sim is fine and my quest 2 is fine and both worked great but now some thing has changed and i am at a loss as to how i load sim go into my headset headset works fine if msfs is minimised to task bar if i maximise it to screen headset goes black or freezes mini sim and headset comes back perfectly sorry to bother you but at 80 i am a bit slow on these things

We don’t want to take over this topic with discussing another issue. You should create a new topic with your question. But my first thought is that you can run the sim’s window in 2 modes, windowed or full screen. Which are you using and have you tried the other mode?

I found a solution for everyone who has a Reverb G2 connected[BUG LOGGED] Sim intermittently freezes with Reverb G2 since last hotfix - #21 by DemalemDingDong

sorry for this no i have not tried it in windowed but i will now thank you so much for your kind attention to my problem

thank you thank you thank you i have tried your suggestion and it is working oerfectly so far i am of advanced age of 80 so these things are a bit above me sometimes but i am back in the blue again ! thank you once again ,i do so appreciate your advice

OK, FIXED at Last!!

I wondered why not many others were experiencing this issue.

As I said all along, nothing to do with hardware.

In the end it was simple…lighting.

I added more bright lighting above/around my rig and no more blackouts…Not One!

It was an issue flagged early on when the G2 released but I never experienced any problems.

What is happening in MSFS is it is periodically losing tracking which manifests itself as a hang/blackout.

I now have zero issues HOORAH!!

The Blackouts came back BUT!
One last ditch attempt and ditched VR for 2D…experienced screen freezes…AGHHHHHH!!!
Everything else done away with what was left???
The word is…
Others have found the same thing!
TURN BLUETOOTH OFF and disable any bluetooth wireless keyboards during VR flight…

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