Fresh Install - Crash during Install Manager process

Are you on Xbox, Steam or Microsoft Store version?
Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?
Brief description of the issue:
After downloading the launcher and launching the game, during the install process in-game (the ~100GB or so to be downloaded), the game will crash to desktop at varying times.

So, I’ve handled crashes in MSFS before, with around 300hrs in the game. I’ve completely reinstalled the game a few times after big updates, which seems to solve most of the crashing problems. However, I’ve met my toughest obstacle yet. Recently after downloading the latest WU, I experienced multiple crashes on the main menu/flight setup screen. I decided to reinstall once more, as that’s been my endgame for solving crashes.

However now I can’t even seem to get the game to install anymore. Once the launcher is installed, I reach the update screen in-game fine. However, partway through the download process, the game will just close without any warning. I’ve tried deleting and retrying around 5 times, and in the latest try, I’ve continued the install process from where it’s left off. I’m at ~70gb remaining with 4 crashes so far.

Just wondering if anyone’s encountered crashing at such an early stage that they can’t even install the game? I’m on Windows 11 if that makes any difference.

Yes, it’s not uncommon.
If you do get hung up and can’t get any further, one thing you can try is to delete the folder that the sim hangs up on.
That often will work.
There is also a lot of info in the “Support” tab at the top of each forum page.
Let us know if this isn’t any help!

It doesn’t seem to hang on any specific folder, it just crashes after a random period of time.

Honestly the reason I’m worried is until now, my experience has been if there’s any crash during the install process (base game or any WU’s in the content manager), it leads to crashing while flying, which is why I’ve always reinstalled everything as a solution in the first place. As in, install base game, and install all WU’s fresh in one go. But I can’t practically do that now since it crashes every 10-20gb or so.

How is your internet speed or your router capability?
Are you using cabled or wireless connection?

I’m on a wired gigabit connection. Speeds are still not great even using the autotuninglevel fix, ~50-80Mbits/s. I’ve had up to 200Mbits/s before in previous updates but 80 seems to be the maximum recently.

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Check your internet see if it’s hard wired or not , it happened to me to and I have a very solid connection. I aborted the install and reinstalled.

That could be your issue.
Try this as well.

I definitely didn’t set any bandwidth limits while the game was installed, it seems to be package dependent as well. Some can get up to 110, some are around 80. But I can handle the slower download speeds, they’re at least way quicker than before the autotuninglevel fix.

Now that I know the crashes during install are ‘normal’ I may just try to sit through all of the crashes and see if it leads to in-game crashes too. I’m a bit pessimistic about success at this point but at least I’m not the only one having the issue.


Go into your Steam settings, and undo the check on Disable Cloud Sync.
If it is the Cloud Backup of your settings causing the issue, it may help.
There are a lot of settings there that could hold you up.
No guarantees, but for the sake of unchecking a box, it probably is worth the try.
I would suspect your pessimism could be warranted.

I’ll give that a go as well and see what happens, thanks. If not I’ll just stop touching it and come back a few months down the line with a fresh install, that seems to also solve some of the problems in my experience haha.

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If you do go that route, make sure you keep the cloud unsynched, uninstall the sim, and delete any remaining folders.
If you have addons you want to keep, copy the Community Folder to another spot on your system, and reinstall them after you have confirmed the fresh install of the sim works OK.
You can then turn on the synch to allow it to store your new setup.

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Welp, unfortunately I won’t even be able to install it even with crashes. Now I’m encountering the bug where I’m stuck on Decompressing the fs-base files. Already tried the fixes such as deleting the files/folders, even deleting the whole game once more, disabling Windows Defender, etc. No dice.

I guess something is really broken this time.

Hopefully not.
Here is a checklist I have complied that incorporates all the “fixes” I have seen posted here.
Give this a try.

Ensure all addons are removed from the Community folder, and any 3rd party plug-ins such as Navigraph etc., are uninstalled.
Remove any overclocks you have set up.
If you have used the Google map replacement, uninstall it using it’s uninstaller.
Ensure any third party antivirus programs (Avast, AVG, etc) are shut down.
Ensure you have an open path through the Window’s firewall.
Ensure all Windows updates are installed.
Make sure the time and zone in your PC settings are correct.
Sign out of the xbox app on your PC, and shut down Xbox app.
Sign out of MS Store App, and shut down same.
Shut down computer.
Unplug all controllers, except mouse and keyboard.
Restart computer.
Open and sign into MSStore.
Open and sign into Xbox app.
Reboot computer again.
Try sim.
Plug in controllers.

Let us know!

So I tried quite a few of those, and no dice. So I decided to follow a suggestion to download it on another PC. Everything was going well, not even any crashes. Speeds dropped to 1mbit/s at some point but enabling a VPN fixed the issue. However, something new I’ve never seen before now.

At some point, I was impressed. 64GB downloaded. Alright! ~50 more to go. I checked back an hour later and…59GB downloaded? 10 minutes later, 58GB downloaded. At this point I’m pretty impressed how temperamental this launcher is. Network stats tell me I’ve downloaded around 160GB at this point, so…

To be fair it hasn’t crashed yet, so I may just leave it until it either does so, or goes de-downloads itself to 0GB.

Okay, I just caught the moment it resets itself. It seems to be stuck around the same area as on my main PC. It’s the fs-base files. Except here instead of crashing, it just goes from ~65GB back to 55GB and keeps re-downloading the same files over and over again.

Yes, it will do that.
It takes some time to get past there.
I had the same issue.