Friday live stream down to singapore (msfs 2020 world tour)

For those of you interested to join, watch the stream, or simply come and fly with me, here’s the schedule for tonight !

Departure October 16th 2020 (Friday) 4:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4)
WIll be departing out of Bandanaira (WAPC), will go down to Makassar (WAAA) for a quick turn to Jakarta (WIII) and will continue to Singapore (WSSS) where we’ll be ending our stream !

Come in big numbers and let’s all have fun together !!!

In case you want to fly with me, my username is KAWASAKINORUSH on MSFS and here are my settings:

All players, Live Traffic, Live Weather // US eastern server

Link to my channel:

Link to the stream below:


See you around !!!

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What are you all flying?

Why are you fooling people with the “SUBSCRIBE” link. It is not good practice, you should get your subscriptions if good content is served and not just by ‘visiting’ your channel. But what the heck you probably get some subscribers by doing it.

Have a good flight.

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Which server?

US Eastern

Anything you want ! but A320 if you want to keep up !

the easy answer is, you can subscribe if you want, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to ! so not sure what bothers you with it ! My channel, My rules :slight_smile:

ready to go. i don’t see anyone