From the sim to the real thing

My son has bought me a 30 minute flight in a TR9 2 seater Spitfire. 2 August at Biggin Hill. Yeah.


Wow! I’m sure you’ve enjoy it :grinning:


Nice that should be a fun one. I think everyone into flying should give these a try at least once. Be it an old war plane or a Cesena fly along. It seems pricey but it’s a ton of fun and a memory you won’t forget.

It’s just on the ground but I’m amped to do the 737-800 sim flight at simcenter. All those years of PMDG is going to pay off. Ha!

Get the pilot to do this…

I am jealous. The closest I have come to something like that was a 5 minute ride with Joseph Kittinger in the biplane he tours the air shows with. At the time I had no idea what a legend he was.

Reminds me of the guy I use to metal detect with. Turns out he use to drum for Marshall Tucker band. I knew that guy for a few months before the topic ever came up. Give our age most of the conversations were about metal detecting how to loose some more weight and what pill was the best for keeping our blood pressure down.

They do give you a sick bag so all should be good…you lucky thing you!

Thanks guys. Cannot wait.
And to Steve, G7RTA. I am G3UCQ would you believe? for details :grinning:
My daughter and son in law have also bought me a 1 hour tutorial flight from Perranporth airfield here in Cornwall.


Hi John, always nice to talk to another ham. There are a lot of us flight simming as well. It’s amazing how many you see on the forums.
You’ve got an hour long introductory flight too? Wow! I had one a few years ago in a Robin. I absolutely loved it & I’m sure you will too.

73 de Steve

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Thanks Steve. You are the first ham I have noticed here. The flights are for my big eight O birthday last October so hopefully they will go ahead if Covid allows it.
73, John, G3UCQ


Well. My spitfire flight was on 02/08/21 at Biggin Hill in a Mk IX.
If you care to see it here is a video I have made of the flight.
I flew a spitfire
Cheers, John

One can get one hour study flying lessons for 300€/hour in a Cessna 152 :slight_smile:
I almost booked one.

My son gave me the spitfire flight and my daughter a 1 hour tutorial flight in a GA from Perranporth here in Cornwall. Haven’t got a date for that yet. Lucky aren’t I?

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