Frustrated with SU5

It seems that almost a year in and all my in-game settings have been reset to dumb and dumber. Clicking on controls now requires me to change the settings in Accessibility to legacy if I want what I had up to two days ago.
After several crashes and screen freezes I managed to get in the air. Every single airport now suddenly labelled on screen and taxiing is now so much better with the helpful blue arrows showing the way. Thanks for over-riding all my settings and tweaks that took me hours to fine tune last year.
Worst of all I can’t seem to map my TWCS throttle properly. I have the left hand side knob mapped as the trim nose up/down wheel. It no longer works at all. The keyboard settings also don’t appear to do anything. I’ve tried rebinding everything but it simply makes no difference.

I may be having an attack of cynicism but it seems in the rush to release to the Xbox masses, Microsoft are happy to let the pc player pay the price. I’m in no way having a go about Xbox players; everyone here is welcome, whatever their platform but I am concerned that this update at the moment seems to be more a downdate as far I am concerned.


“In-game settings have been reset to dumb and dumber”

:rofl: well said hahaha but at the same time not funny :sob:


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SPOT on sir, and other comments have said it far better than me

my frustrations are:

Multiply MSFS DOWNGRAD ISSUES SIM does not work now.


  2. all avionics shut off
  3. all engines will not start, the A320 engine number one will not start !
  4. I,m left grounded.
  5. Simulator unstable.
  6. meshing messy.
  7. FOR heaven sack Microsoft , I,m going back to it in week
    to see if you have fixed the grounding issues.

Totally agree. It’s like being GROUNDED. All the excitement of flying is out of the window,as soon as you press the FLY button…and we have a CTD!


Well said all that work over the last year had been erased in a week.

Tca throttle which worked perfectly out of the box and was seemless with the sim is now unrecognisable


The fascination is gone also for me. CTD‘s all the time on my high end rig (bought for FS2020) My System was absolutely stable until SU4, even in VR with the Reverb G2. I hope they fix it very soon.

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Yup! Lets hope they fix it…a lot of $$ spent by many on their PC’s to experience FS2020, so I’m sure they will have a fix :slight_smile:


Right so the update caused nothing but grief … I also think the visuals are not as good
I now get CTD problems what were they thinking disappointed … it had all the ear marks of a top sim…I run a high end system and had no issues … before the latest update … now Aerosoft CJR has issues as does The superb Flyby wire A320

Yes, that’s a bummer. These are getting updated for SU5 in the hopefully near future. I am glad that two fixes are on their way and I hope that these will help most people that are experiencing issues.

But then again, not everybody experiences these issues. So I am very curious as to what Asobo has found. Reading the post about the update makes me think that they are working really hard to get the quality of the sim back to where it belongs for us. And that’s up there in The sky!

There is a fix coming for the CJR very soon and you can now download the FlyByWire 320 but you have to do so direct from their website. It is not available in Marketplace. Also you need to choose the base model and not the latest experimental version. The next hotfix is coming either Friday or Monday I believe.

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Which Friday? Which Monday? It would be nice to have each of these comments dated.

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