Frustrated with VR cockpit interaction

this new update brought something useful like the possibility to move multiple throttles with the touch controllers, at least that’s something; still unfortunately I have no clue how to properly operate knobs that have push/pull functions, like in the 747 HDG SEL or in the A320NX (from FBW), I have tried some combinations of bindings but I get no response I can’t actually push or pull knobs with the touch controllers, I’m using Quest 2 connected via physical Link and normally fly in DX12 as the performance in VR are far better (RTX 3080 GPU) compare to DX11.
If anyone has some suggestion, greatly appreciated… I’m not pretending a proper and complete interaction like Xplane 11 or aerofly FS2 sim, that would be too much for Asobo apparently; I’d be already happy if I could do the same things I can now do with the mouse (binding primary, secondary and tertiary actions, and mouswheel for knobs) with the touch controllers…
thank you…


You are not alone. Vote please.

Has anyone had luck using the VR controllers without CTR+0?

Works in some cockpits but doesn’t in some. Sorry been away for a while so not sure if this has been resolved.