Beyond frustrated, can’t complete any real flights, crash after crash after crash. Sure I can do short jumps but what’s the point.

Planned a IFR flight from Va to Mo with a buddy only to crash on final, nothing saved nothing earned. Five hours down the drain, why even play. No errors or anything just hang up and then desktop.

Ryzen 5 3600x, 5700xt, 16gb 3200mhz RAM and installed on SSD. Playing on High End settings with V-Sync on.


Can confirm…I was on the same flight, VA to MO…crashed twice in the same flight.

Just a hard stutter, then desktop.

i7-6700k, 32Gb RAM, 1080ti Founders Edition, game installed on SSD, High Settings in game w/ V-Sync On.

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I can fly many hours without problems… so maybe system not stable config. Try new install after cleanup (instruction on forum), set back any oc’s… :blue_heart:


Why do you fly with vsync?

Read somewhere in the bowels of the interwebs that it would help with crashing. Just an attempt, albeit futile, but still an attempt.

V-Sync is not helping your here, buddy! Nearly everyone has freesync monitors, turn that on in your nvidia settings, thats a much improved form of v-Sync. Multiple reports of reduced fps and issues when v-sync on…

I’m curious, what % is ‘nearly everyone’?

Yeah, I’ve got a capable monitor, gonna just run Freesync, and see if there is any improvement. As well as a fresh install…if it’ll install. LOL


16 GB RAM on high settings is also a bit daring. You could try medium and see if things improve.

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Well this is a bit misleading. Gsync will work like vsync up to the monitors refresh rate then it will automatically turn off and you can get tearing. Abliet most cant get even 60 fps but mine actually runs better with vsync on. Depends on the monitor, the card and the rest of the hw.

Now freesync from amd will not even work without vsync on either in catalyst or the sim.

@AngryEchoSix 16 gigs is not enough for high. On high, I get 14gigs usage so not enough really to run windows after. On ultra settings it has used as much as 24 to 27 depending on where I am.

@AZRedneck33 Mine tops out at around 10 gigs usage out of 32.

Well I do use alot of mods right now and a bunch of simconnect programs so that may be the extra

But I have noticed after about 3 hrs that the frames slowly degrade and mem usage increases so there may be a memory leak somewhere. Optimizations should improve things.

Totally agree that there is a memory leak somewhere.

I’ll give that a shot.

Suggest turning VSync off and limiting frames in control panel.

Are you changing priority on the game in task manager from normal to high/real time?

I dont think its RAM. I play between high and ultra and i upgraded from 16 to 32gig of ram a week in. Noticed no difference at all.

I had to reinstall the whole shebang after a crash. No pgm start…from XBox Companion not a twitch. So off to Microsoft Store and lo and behold it recognized my install and allowed me to re-install. Crash again right after Start…same thing, off to store re-install. Its still downloading at 4.5 hours. Love this program.