FS - My short observations

I want to make a few observations from the last update.

1.) Performance: After reinstallation, fps returned to almost normal. The only problem is stuttering. Improvements if you run the simulator as an administrator. (not sufficiently verified)

2.) CTD. Several users have CTD problems. I don’t have and have never had a random CTD with the FS2020 (I have had the FS2020 since the first release). Windows 10, nVidia, a lot of software (graphics, video, music …), but no illegal warez and also I do not use any registry cleaners or similar nonsense. I also don’t have any patches installed that are not official for FS2020. I don’t make nonsensical operating system settings, I don’t have an overclocked graphics card (CPU yes, but as far as possible, very slightly).

3.) Still a storm. Known problem with real weather.

4.) The A320 needs a lot of tuning. Engine power, flight dynamics, autopilot behaves very strangely, … etc. Maybe other planes have these problems, but I most often fly Airbus (from airliners).
I have the largest HC simulations of Airbus for desktop PCs in competing simulators, so to comment in more detail on the shortcomings will be on a separate thread. So far, it’s a very simplified simulation, but I really like the 3D model. I don’t use A32NX. Everything is still in the early stages and can cause problems.

5.) I would prefer that instead of new scenarios, developers will focus on simulation. I understand that this is not so financially advantageous in the short term, but certainly in the long term.

6.) If I open the VFR map (press the V key), the simulator crashes.

7.) By the way, I would really like it if the sunrise and sunset were not warm in autumn. In Central Europe, the sky at sunrise and sunset is rather metallic, cold. It’s such a cool blue with low color saturation than orange. Orange starts very low above the horizon.

8.) Finally, how to turn off the bubbles that describe the functions of the buttons? :slight_smile:

I think a community that loves flying, complex systems, a beautiful landscape that he can see from a height on his monitor, will try to help improve this fantastic flight simulator. Please be patient.

What a person, it’s a PC system.

Good flight!

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I remember that cool and cold blue when I was in St Petersburg 3 years ago. Something I didn’t expect!

Yes, no romance :slight_smile: I like that atmosphere in winter.

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Have you reported your issues and CTDs to Zendesk which is the official support point for MSFS 2020.

Also please be aware that there are many topics reporting the same issues and while it might be easier to start your own if makes the forums much harder to follow

It’s a good idea to open the VFR map prior to the flight and just minimize it, to avoid CTDs.

We are all hoping that Tool Tips will have an option to turn off in a future release.

At present, there is no allowance for Autumn and Spring. Only Summer textures with the addition of Snow. Maybe this will change in the future. I think they have enough sim issues to work out before worrying about the seasons.