Fs 2020 being installed on C drive

I have an Samsung Pro 200GB SSD for FS 2020 set as D drive. During the installation proces i point towards the D drive. Not the C drive but the D drive. FS 2020 installs 1 GB on the D drive but the rest (150GB ) on the C:\Users…Appdata\Roaming…
What is going on???

When it’s starting it asks you for a folder where to install it. If you don’t change that and just press next, it will install in the c drive.

User error. Nothing to do with Asobo.

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It would be a good idea if Asobo were to default that option to being on the same drive the core FS files were installed to. So yeah, it does have to do with Asobo.

Burying almost 200GB in the users profile is not a good practice.

There is a new area of the forums called Community Support for asking specific help questions from the community. Please use that in the future instead of General Discussion. Your thread has been moved there.

Since a lot of current installed repositories reside in another drive than the core, that would be a bad idea.