FS 40th anniversary - what unannounced will be included?

Hello fellow simmers!

As we now know that we will get some new stuff in November I’d like to see your imagination! :slight_smile:

By now the following aircraft are confirmed to be included for free:

Historical Aircraft:

  • Wright Flyer
  • Ryan NYP (“Spirit of St. Louis”)
  • Douglas DC-3
  • De Havilland Canada DHC-2-Beaver


  • Bell-407
  • Guimbal Cabri G2


  • DG Flugzeugbau LG8-18
  • DG Flugzeugbau DG1001E neo


  • Airbus A310-300

“The nod to the past will re-introduce some classic airports and several of the most famous planes from earlier versions including Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight!”

Jörg Neumann also teased in yesterdays trailer that there will be even more and that they partnered with the Smithsonian Museum to bring in more classic aircraft.

What else do you guys expect? My guesses of reasonable stuff:


  • Learjet 45 as it was included since FS98
  • Boeing 737-400
  • Boeing 777-200 (looking at PMDG as iniSimulations also provides their small widebody for free)
  • Sopwith Camel
  • SR-71 Blackbird (as they focused on it on the trailer)
  • Space Shuttle Orbiter (as they talked about that may be possible in future [landing challenge?])


  • Bell 206 classic
  • Bell UH-1 (MilViz?)


  • Meighs Field will return
  • Kai Tak [landing challenge]
  • Helipads around the world

How about:
B-57 Hustler

  • Valkyrie ← Super Sonic bomber from the 60’s
    B-52 Study level ;p

AH-64 apache
AH-1 Cobra
Bell (they’re all good)


Interesting but keep in mind visible weapons won’t be a thing unfortunately - on the Sopwith Camel would also be a question mark just because of this :wink: (anyway these could be hidden just like on the Pelican Dropship)

An Apache without stations? Would look quite odd to me :stuck_out_tongue:

BUT the Cobra would be possible as today also civilian versions are around :slight_smile:

Dont care about visual weapons, The B-52 was the 1st sim I flew all the way back in the 60’s, decomisioned AF sim that was bought by my uncle and other SAC members. We didnt have weapons there, not to mention no displays we flew every mission by instrument… Ah good time 12year old learning all the stations of the plane.

The Valkyrie is just a Concorde on steroids ;p
Im sure the apache flys without weapons so not a biggie.
They forgot DaVinci’s helicopter that would be cool though they would have to figure out a way to simulate pedal power for it LOL ;p

Oh yeah it could have visual weapons, the pelican has a cannon on the nose that can be enabled in the aircraft.cfg file. ;p


I’m going to throw one in very left of field.They did the Halo Pelican.What about the Original Lost in Space Jupiter 2!! There was a Very good version done back for FS(Century of Flight…Now that would be cool!!

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The only trouble with that (and I do like the idea) is that you cant fly to space, so your stuck at 275000 ft for a ceiling.

more heli’s
gyrocopters would be good as well…if they stayed true to the aerodynamics of the thing.

The ceiling limit is actually something that may be changed later - a shuttle challenge also could start at this altitude with e.g. the space shuttle flying Mach 20 already :wink:

That’s something Captain Sim (at a time they were good…) provided in FSX with their space shuttle add-on.

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There is/was a person writing a mod FSX spaceport, and when asked if he was going to port it over to MSFS he said no because of the altitude limit. So I would have to believe its a hard coded thing, so I dont know maybe if they change the world model…not holding my breath though, and until then I have KSP and real solar system mod to satisfy my space lust ROFL!~!!

There is no way they forget about the FSX hot air balloon, needs to at least 400 knots for good measure.


For sure it’s hardcoded but as we talk about official stuff provided by the code base owners (Asobo) they can raise the limit like every other limit by time :wink:

Chinook (that’ll give the engine a good work out).

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B-58 Hustler, and the XB-70 was experimental, not in service :wink:

I wouldn’t be shocked to see at least one airplane from each version of the FS franchise in there somewhere. To me that is the most logical way to celebrate the 40 years of the title (horrifying to think that I was a barely 2 years old when it first came out).

Id think some of the flight challenges from FSX (the tour of Edwards, sling load Snoopy (the long nose Hustler), the UFO, Area 51 commuter flight) might make it in as missions or something.

It would be cool to see a Boeing 247, or 707 in there. A tri-motor too.

Whatever is included wont be just something random - I suspect a method to the madness.

On my wishlist: C182 Skylane with retractable landing gear and steam gauges.


Love to see a proper throwback aircraft that looks exactly like it did in the original versions.


I think so too - and reflecting what Jörg said in yesterdays trailer/partnership clip that’s also the plan - even if only time will tell what exactly will find the way into the sim from the old versions:


I remember that in an old version of Msfs there was a challenge in the Sopwith Camel to spray some kind of pesticid over fields…
That would be nice to see such kind of thing again!

That would be interesting but there is already some good 3rd parties.

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I thought that the video of Jorg visiting the Smithsonian hinted towards the Space Shuttle.


Just to be clear before anyone gets confused, they said the 40th anniversary dlc will include 10 aircraft. So it sounds like that is set in stone. They did say they (Microsoft/Smithsonian) want to work together more in the future, but whether it be free dlc or not is unclear, but presumably no additional aircraft that come from their partnership will be released before next year, considering the 40th anniversary update comes late this year.

The Blackbird would be great- milviz is already working on one. And it’s such a notable aircraft, we have to have one at some point. A Space shuttle would be cool as well, though I’m unsure how it could be implemented properly. Anything space related would potentially be interesting.