FS Academy Jetliner not marking missions complete?

Hi Just got the Jetliner missions from FS Academy its great but when I complete the first 2 missions, its not recording them as complete and still show 0% complete in the Activities menu?

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None of the FS Academy missions get a completion status. In some the instructor voice says you just need press ESC key to return to menu when you are done. This is fine as it allows you to freely fly after completion but I don´t like it as well cause you don´t know if you already played the missions or not as all remain at 0% as you explain.



Ok thanks for confirming.

Hi there,

Please find all the support info you need here:

How do I get past lesson 1? The pilot log screen comes up and “Continue” results in just sitting at position A2 forever with nothing happening. Likewise, going back to Main Menu does not offer a way to get to lesson 2? Is Escape tthe way to move on?

Hi there, MSFS ‘Continue’ means continue the CURRENT mission (ie mission 1).

To progress, return to menu and launch 2, as you did to start 1.

There used to be a Next Lesson button, but Asobo removed this for SU5 IIRC.

Unfortunately, going back to main menu/activities/bush flights only shows one option: Jetliner Lesson 1 0% completed. There is no recognition of completing Lesson 1 and I have no menu or option to select or activate Lesson 2.

Okay – I’m an idiot! I did not notice the slide bar to the right in the menu allowing me to find lessons beyond #1. On to lesson #2

However, the menu nonetheless shows lesson #1 as “0% completed”.?

While I’m flying in the FS Academy Jetliner Tutorial, the aircraft is going up and down like a roller coaster. But since the instructor has control of the aircraft it should be flying level. Has anyone else noticed this?


Please see the linked support page, which discusses the completion statistic.